My mission goes beyond fashion—it's about building self-assurance and direction in every woman's life. By helping women curate wardrobes that not only fit their style but also resonate with their inner self, I aim to provide them with the tools they need to walk with purpose and embrace each day with newfound confidence. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, anything is possible.

Authenticity > Perfection

Reinvention is Growth

Embrace Every Evolution

Style Empowers Confidence

Next Chapter, Best Chapter

Own Your Story


Let your wardrobe be a reflection of your 
beautiful, ever-evolving journey.

In the thick of my career in corporate America, while balancing the demands of motherhood, I felt like something was missing. 

Days blurred into nights, I often found myself in a constant loop of faded yoga pants and hastily-tied ponytails.

And then it hit me — I needed to get dressed. This wasn't just about slipping into an outfit; it was a step towards rejuvenation. And that one action, getting myself dressed in the morning, sparked a series of transformative moments in my life.

This wasn't just about clothes. It was about reclaiming a part of me I’d left behind. 
Sharing this transformation, I started "Get Your Pretty On". What began as a personal blog to keep myself accountable, unexpectedly struck a chord with so many women, growing in ways I had never imagined. This platform has allowed me to utilize my degree in Psychology and as a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) to help women rediscover their confidence through style. 

From a small town girl to the first in my family to 
graduate college, my journey has been one of 
breaking barriers and setting new standards.

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Whether I’m uplifting women to find their style or offering support during personal challenges, I believe in the transformative power of community and self-expression.

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I believe that getting dressed is more 
than just fashion; it's about reclaiming myself and fostering confidence in every facet of life.

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