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 Each episode is a blend of heartfelt advice, style transformations, and expert insights designed to uplift, inspire, and empower.

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Through insightful deep dives into the psychology of style, engaging interviews with real Outfit Formulas members, and expert advice, this podcast empowers you to unlock a wardrobe that truly works for you.

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The Power of Personal Style

Discover how the right clothes can not only change the way you look but also how you feel about yourself.

Style Psychology Insights

Understand the emotional and psychological impact of your wardrobe choices and learn how to make decisions that uplift and empower you. 

Real-Life Style Transformations

Be inspired by the real-life style stories of Outfit Formulas members. Hear firsthand accounts of transformation and growth, from overcoming fashion fears to embracing body positivity. 

Expert Advice and Strategies

Gain access to exclusive interviews with fashion and psychology experts, offering their insights and strategies for achieving closet contentment and style confidence.

Inside the Podcast

Share Your Style Story

Alison is inviting members of her community to share their style stories.  Whether it's about finding confidence through our formulas, overcoming wardrobe challenges, or how Outfit Formulas has transformed your approach to personal style, your story can inspire others and celebrate the power of community.

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Meet Your Host

Alison Lumbatis is a style psychology expert, best-selling author, and the creative force behind Outfit Formulas. With a passion for empowering women through fashion, Alison has dedicated over a decade to helping individuals rediscover their confidence and express their true selves through their wardrobe choices. Her journey from style blogger to CEO of Outfit Formulas and host of "The Alison Lumbatis Show" reflects her commitment to making style accessible, fun, and transformative for everyone. Join Alison as she shares her insights, experiences, and the occasional style secret, all designed to inspire you to live your most stylish life.


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